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Betti Alisjahbana is one of few leaders who has committed to spending her time and energy to spread the knowledge and experience as a leader to the next generations leaders. She formalized that commitment in 2010 with the birth of QB Leadership Center. In between her work at several companies, government institutions and organizations, she gives a leadership workshop at least once a month.

As an architectural graduate from ITB, Betti Alisjahbana started her long career at IBM in 1984 as a management trainee. Her career rocketed as she soon enjoyed several management positions in Indonesia and even throughout ASEAN. She reached the highest point in her career as she was appointed CEO of IBM Indonesia in 2000 which she stayed as until 2008. Betti Alisjahbana is the first women to hold the position as Country General Manager in Asia Pacific.

White at IBM, Betti Alisjahbana participated in many different managerial training programs, among others: in the United States, Japan and Australia. She also received the Country General Manager Excellence Award IBM 2000 and the Leadership Honor Roll IBM 2003. Also, in 2007 she was chosen as one of the 99 most influential women in Indonesia by the magazine Globe Asia.

After 24 years in IBM, Betti Alisjahbana decided to start her own business. In 2008 she founded Quantum Business International Limited which operated in property (QB Townhouse), furniture (QB Furniture) and information technology (QB IT Services). Afterwards QB International went into  the Leadership field.

Betti Alisjahbana’s experience has brought her into many different positions in the public and private sector. As of now, these are the positions she holds:

  • Presiding Trustee of ITB
  • Head Chairman of the National Research Council
  • Head of the Association for Open Source Indonesia
  • Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Software Sector of Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Secretary General of the ITB Alumni Assosiation
  • Member of the National Innovation Council
  • Garuda Indonesia Limited Commissioner
  • Sigma Cipta Caraka Limited Commissioner
  • Head Commissioner of Quantum Business International

Since her days at IBM, Betti Alisjahbana has had paid a lot of attention to Good Corporate Governance and Good Corporate Citizen. Since 2004, IBM has received the award for the Compliant Tax Payer every year.  Betti Alisjahbana has also been the head jury for the Bung Hatta Anti Corruption Award in 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010 and 2013.

In 2013 Betti Alisjahbana Received 3 awards: the  Satyalancana Wira Karya Award from the President of Indonesia, the Ganesa Wira Adi Utama Award from Institut Teknologi Bandung and Indi Women Award “Kartini 2.0″ from Telekomunikasi Indonesia Limited.

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